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Here are some useful phrases and words. If anyone knows of any others, please e-mail [e-mail link] me and I will add them. Most of these include a "phonetic" spelling so that you know how to say it. Some of the lists have the same words, but I wanted to list them as I found them. If you use the Print this page function below, it will print only the word lists and none of the page graphics or navigation.

I now have two PDFs availble. They both contain English, Kazakh, and Russian words and phrases. The foreign words are transiliterated; in other words, they are phonetically spelled and not in Cyrillic. I would like to thank the adoptive moms who sent these to me, so that I can make them available to you: Diana Eaton's is Kazakh List 1 [PDF link] (17 pages) and Rocio Schupp's is Kazakh List 2 [PDF link] (9 pages). You are welcome to download these for your own personal use, but please don't forward or publish them without permission. If you ever find them on another website, or handed out by an adoption agency, please let me know [e-mail link].

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Hello, how are you? = Salamatsys, ba?
Thank You = rrrrak-mit
Goodbye = kosh sow bolingdar
Yes = ee-ah
No = shoke
Good = shacquesie
Boiled water = qaynaghan su
How much = qansha?
Where is = ...qayda?
I don't understand = tusinbeymin
Toilet = azhetkhana
Peace be with you = Asalaam Aleykum
Mother = sheshe
Father = yeka
Baby = bobek
Boy = bala
Girl = kuz
Grandfather = ata
Grandmother = apa
I love you = Myen syeni sooyom. (or) Myen syeni zhaksi koryem
Time for bed = Zhoor youktayik
Go to sleep! = Bar youkta!
Are you hungry? = Syen ashsinba?
Do you need to use the potty? = Syen doozgye barasin ba? (or) Syen dairyebkhanaga barasin ba?
Do you have to pee pee? = See Es-in-pah pee pee?
Do you have to poop? = See Es-in-pah cah-cah?
Good girl! = Jac-see Koo! (with the Jac said like Jacque in French)
Cat = Mu-sick
Sheep = Koy
rabbit = Koy-yon
squirrel = Tiyin
camel = bura
horse = tulpar
Happy Birthday! = Tughan kuninmen!
    1 = bir
    2 = yeki
    3 = ush
    4 = tort
    5 = bes
    6 = alti
    7 = zhetti
    8 = segiz
    9 = toghiz
    10 = on
To chew = myrshim
colorful mountains = alatau

The following words are from an adoptive mom - thanks, Kym.
Horse: Aht
Bunny: Koy-Un
Fish: Balak
Bird: Tota-Kus
Cat: Miss-ick
Turtle: Tas-bak-ah
Hamster: Tish-kam
Dog: eat

Car: Machine-ah (russian I think)
Cookie: Pa-chen-ya (russian)
Ball: Dope
Push: Boss
Beautiful (as in you look beautiful): odd-ye-emma
Fruit: Jee-mus
Meat: Yet
No: Zjock (Nyet is Russian)
Yes: Zjockza (Da is Russian)
eat: jehr
Blocks: Coo-be-key
juice: soak (russian)
water: sue
doll: kook-la (russian)
orange: man-der-eeen

Big girl (as in you are a big girl!) Dowl-kus
Say or Repeat after me: Ite
Book: ka-tept
medicine: Dad-rah
Airplane: sum-moe-lote
going: Oat-tram-mus
big sister: ap-keya
little brother: en-nung
dance: beel-yeah
come here: kas-mat-kil
thank you: rock-mid
go to sleep: york-time-mus (we use this one ALOT!)
be quiet: teesh-tan
please: pa-jawl-sta (russian)
give a hug: shocktah
give a kiss: see
Don't Cry: zgha-llamav
go to the bathroom: gar-shock-ca ba-ra-maz
thats all or thats enough!: Bold-da (my 4 year old has learned this one to communicate with her strong willed sister!)
stay by me: mennen-cos-sum-da-tore
stay in your seat: or-nan-da-or-terr

lunch: tue-skus
dinner: kesh-ka-us
breakfast: tan-year-tien-ga-us
bath: vanna
hot: bi-ka
cold: soolk

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The following phrases are from an adoptive dad - thanks, Mark.

  • We love you: Biz see-ah-nah jacque-see kour-i-mas
  • I love you: Men see-ah-nah jacque-see kour-i-man
  • Do you want to eat?: ta-mak schee-es-en-bah?
  • Do you want water?: sou schee-es-en-bah?
  • Do you want milk?: soot schee-es-en-bah?
  • Do you want soup?: kis-pee-ah schee-es-en-bah? (Alia did seem to know the Russian term zoupa also)
  • Do you want bread?: none schee-es-en-bah?
  • Do you want to sleep?: see-ah-nah yuk-tee-ah-sen-bah?
  • Come here: Mon dah kyll
  • Come to me: Mah-gan-kyll
  • Do you have to peepee?: See es-sen-bah peepee?
  • Do you have to poopoo?: See es-en-bah caca? (Julie and I were amused that peepee and caca seem to be universal!)
  • Good Girl!: Jacque-see kou!
  • Please don't cry: Zjill-lah-mah-sha!

These are from Jennifer's language page [external link], which also lists these words and phrases in many (up to 800) other languages.

  • hello: Salam, salamu alaykim, Khayrly kün, Selem (informal)
  • thank you: Rahmet, Rahmet sizge
  • good bye: Qosh sau bolyngdar, Sau bolnynyz, Sau bol (informal)
  • how are you?/fine: Zhagdaiynyz qalai?, Khalynjyz qalai?, Zhaqsë, Zhaksy
  • what is your name?: Atëngëz kim?, Atënj kim? (informal)
  • welcome: Khosh keldiniz, Khosh keldinizder
  • good morning: Khayrly tanj
  • good evening: Khayrly kesh
  • good night: Khayrly tün
  • please: Marhamet, Marhabatv I don't understand: Tusinbeymin, Tüsindim
  • do you speak English?: Aghylshynsa bilesiz be?, Siz agylshynsha söyley alasez ba?
  • yes: Ia
  • no: Zhoq

From the Kazakh phrasebook (no longer online, was at www.angelfire.com/nd/phrasebook/kazakh.html)

  • yes: iye
  • no: joq
  • thank you: rahmet sizge
  • hello: salemetsiz be
  • good bye: sau bolynyz
  • how are you ?: salemitsiz be ?
  • I am fine: jaqsuh
  • what is you name ?: atuhnguhz kim ?
  • my name is _____: atuhm _______.
  • I understand: tewsindim
  • I don't understand: tewsinbeymin
  • do you speak _____ ?: siz_________soyley a lasez ba ?
  • english: agylshynsha
  • spanish: ispansha
  • french: frantsusha
  • kazakh: qazaqsha

Joni, an adoptive mom, had this list on her web site.

  • grandma - apa
  • grandpa - ata
  • aunt - apai
  • uncle - agha
  • no - jikh
  • pee-pee - pee-pee
  • thank you - rakhmet
  • yes - yah
  • good boy! - ziakhsi bala
  • very good! - ote zhakhsi
  • bad boy - bala jahmmin
  • go to bed or bedtime - toe sek
  • mama loves you - mama men sin omin
  • mama's here - mamang minda
  • come here - bear gale

There is an extensive list in Issue 5 [PDF link] of the Kazakh Kids newsletter, contributed by Diana, another adoptive mother.

Sample text [PDF link] from a Kazakh textbook published by Dunwoody Press.

US Embassy website [external link] has a large list of words and phrases, organized into categories. I used to have these on my website, but the Embassy's list is better organized.

Omniglot Useful Kazakh phrases [external link]

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